I am an IT specialist, which means that I notice more than others when using my computer. Unlike everyone else I pay attention to updates or changes in running applications. "Get Windows 10" banner is one of the things that are annoying - it appears on my screen practically every day. Not like I am against this new OS, but I prefer to upgrade the system when time comes!

It appears that removing this advertisement completely is not that easy. No matter how much you try to get rid of it, it comes back!

So, I started to think how to bounce it forever and hope I have found an effective solution. At least everyone who has tried it so far seems to appreciate it.

Here is my little tool that everyone can download and use free of charge. I have named it "GWX Bouncer", because it will bounce Windows 10 banner whenever it shows up again you download and run it. Enjoy!

GWX Bouncer


Sincerely yours,
Mikhael Bolgov